We are the first solar energy
company in New Jersey
creating self-sufficient eco-systems.

Solar energy is cheap

The electricity you use from the local utility company costs approximately $0.17 per kWh. With a solar panel system you will save thousands, maybe even millions of dollars, over the life of the system.

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and eco-friendly

Solar power systems are clean and non polluting. New Jersey now generates more of its energy from solar power than from nuclear power plants. Solar is safer, cleaner and less expensive than dirty sources of power. We no longer need to destroy our environment with dirty sources of energy like nuclear and fossil fuels. We can now choose better. We can choose solar.

Solar panels
are durable

Solar panels can withstand a one inch hailstone travelling at 50mph.

Solar panels come with a long warranty from the manufacturer

As one of New Jersey’s oldest solar contractors you can count on us to ensure the best performance of your solar panel system.

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Stop killing your wallet, and the environment, and switch to solar today

We have programs for everyone, including no money down packages for people on a budget.

For people who want to save money with clean energy but don't feel it is the right time to buy a solar system, we can install a system at no charge and you only have to pay for the kilowatt hours it produces.

We maintain and monitor the system so you can enjoy the savings of having a solar system without any of the headaches.

4 steps to solar power

Free analysis

We will review your electric bill, and your needs, to suggest an appropriately sized system for you.

Engineering and permitting

Every project is custom made to each customer’s needs. Our specialists will visit your property and suggest a solar array location and set up. We will take care of all the approvals and permitting necessary for your project. You will be able to rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of.


We take of everything from delivery to inspection. We install the solar array so you can maximize the power of the sun. With every solar panel we install, you are bringing us closer to a healthy, clean environment.

Quality inspection

At all points during installation we are checking that everything is working optimally. When completed, you will have a system that will power your location for decades! Then you will enjoy the satisfaction that comes with having a clean energy system.

How it works

Photovoltaic panels

PV Panels gather the energy of the sun and transform it into an electric current.


Solar cells in the modules convert sunlight directly into DC power. An inverter converts this DC power into AC power that can be used in your home.

Controller (optional)

Regulates the charge of the batteries.

Batteries (optional)

Batteries are used to store the excess energy produced by your solar panels. They power your home in the evening, as well as during power outages.

Net meter

Under net metering, any excess electricity produced by your solar energy system is delivered back into the utility grid. This will spin your meter backwards.

Utility Grid

We work to save the planet and provide our children with a healthy and clean future.

It is our goal to help make the shift from polluting systems of energy production to environmentally friendly, non-polluting, self-contained, self-sufficient ecosystems.